Melt Fat Effectively With This Powerful Workout Routine


It was developed in Japan by Dr. I. Tabata. In 1996, Dr. I. Tabata and some colleagues observed 2 groups of athletes. The 1st group did medium-intensity exercises for longer time and the 2nd did high-intensity exercise for short time. They observed them for 6 weeks and it was found that the 1st group increased the aerobic capacity by 9.5 percent and he anaerobic capacity for 0 percent.  The 2ndgroup increased the aerobic capacity by 14 percent and the anaerobic by 28 percent. The 2nd group showed improvement in oxygen utilization and lung capacity. This regimen was created for elite athletes. You can begin with doing some simple training:

Start with long less-intense sprints and longer time for pause in between. Instead of twenty seconds try 60 to 90 seconds at medium-intensity running with 1 minute pause. Increase the intensity every day and shorten the break times.

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