Miracle Of The Onion – It Beats These Three Diseases Successfully!


Alternative medicine with onion is considered to be incredibly valuable and healthy food product.

This remedy operates on the body inside and out.

As well as helps with colds and blood pressure, spring onions have anti-inflammatory properties and acts against fungi, stress and fatigue.

But in addition to being appreciated in nutrition onions very helpful in other ways.

Here is what you can cure with this remedy:

Miracle Of The Onion – It Beats These Three Diseases Successfully!

1. Sore Throat:

Cut the onion into small pieces, and it can add grated ginger and salt and put it all together in a cloth bag or cloth and warm. A warm compress wrap in another cloth and put it on the inflamed part (head, chest, palms or back).

2. Swollen legs:

Onions cook for a few minutes. Blender to mix (if necessary, add a little water), until the mixture turns into a paste. Such paste, grease swollen parts of the leg. This recipe has been used for hundreds of years and is very helpful.

3. Runny nose:

Mash onion and its juice soak a cotton ball. Such wet put on the nose and sinus area.

Source: Healthier Way Of Life


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