Miracle Tree – One Of The Most Beneficial Plants For The Human Health

There are so many fantastic plants growing in India, plants that are so beneficial that they don’t even need modern medicine. One of these plants is known as the miracle tree.

One of those plants is a tree known as the Neem Tree, using this tree for your health doesn’t have any side-effects at all, none. This tree us usually used to create virgin oil. Virgin oil has extremely high medicinal properties.

Health benefits of neem

What exactly can the Neem tree/Neem oil treat?

Well, you see it has been said that just about the whole entire tree can be used for medicine. The roots, leaves, flowers, branches, bark, and even the seeds.

In some parts of India, people use the twigs of this tree for brushing their teeth instead of a toothbrush. While they don’t literally brush their teeth with the twigs, they do chew on them. By chewing on the Neem tree twigs, they are naturally preventing the bleeding of their gums and preventing oral infections. They are helping to prevent tooth decay and naturally bleaching their teeth.

The Neem tree can be used as a germicide because it works great to protect our bodies from microbes. Neem tree has significant antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. Using it as a pesticide works well too because somehow the neem tree can deter over five hundred different types of bugs that destroy crops or even the ones that are just pesky.

The Neem tree oil that is extracted from the tree can help remove wrinkles. You see it can do this by creating more collagen in the skin that helps keep your skin from aging quickly. This oil can also be used to treat acne and most rashes.

Neem tree can aid in the wound healing process as competently. All you would have to do is apply the oil to the affliction or eat the oil. Whichever you feel would be best for you. By doing so, you will be using the best most effective treatment for infections, abrasions, and sores.

The Neem oil is also excellent for relieving joint pains and ensuring that your bones are strong. Using Neem oil in your bath daily is the best way to relax and let your muscles heal from a long day of work. Making a paste out of this oil can even be used to treat psoriasis and eczema!

Drinking Neem tea will help relieve stress and anxiety. There will be an almost instant relief. This tea is highly recommended for people with diabetes because it is a delicious way to lower blood sugar levels. This tea also promotes the creation of healthy blood cells.

Making a paste out of the neem tree leaves instead of the oil can remove dandruff and prevent graying hairs from changing, even get rid of head lice!

If you blend the seeds with warm water and drink it every morning on an empty stomach, you can even help to prevent hemorrhoids.

The neem tree seeds and seed oil are also suitable for fighting off intestinal worms and even can be used as birth control.

The twigs that I mentioned before are also useful for lessening the severity of asthma in some people. Even getting rid of the typical cough quickly.

The bark can be used in fighting off malaria and other dangerous diseases.

So you see, the Neem tree can be used for all sorts of ailments. Why wait until you actually develop a problem, go ahead and start using neem tree to boost your body’s health and prevent all these diseases and ailments before they even consider becoming a problem!

Source: organichealth

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