Miraculous Juice For Weight Loss

This juice speeds up calorie burning, removes the excess water from the body, cleanses the body of toxins, nourishes your body with vitamins and minerals, helps with bladder problems and cramps, and in just three days you can lose up to 10 pounds (Of course, together with a balanced diet and physical exercise).

Miraculous Juice  For Weight Loss

Parsley is plant that we use as a spice and it has “magical” powers. The amount that we put in food is small so is not sufficient to initiate the secretion of collected fluids from the body.

Parsley is a great assistant in the fight against urinary issues, kidney illness and is a strong diuretic. Booth root and leaves of parsley can be used as a remedy.


In one liter of boiling water add 5 tablespoons of chopped parsley.

Leave it to stand for about twenty minutes, then you can strain the tea or drink together with chopped parsley.


Its taste is not “heaven”, but it is tolerable. If you can’t drink this, add some maple syrup brown sugar or honey.

Tea made from parsley can be consumed warm or chilled. You can drink it throughout the day except late at night in order not to get up and urinate during the night.

You should drink the tea every morning on an empty stomach for five days only.It is necessary to make a break for ten days after that.

Source: healthylivinghouse

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