Mix Salt And Sugar Before Going To Bed! The Result Is Amazing!

This seems like a very odd combination, anyway it helps those who have troubles with insomnia. Everyone will agree that sugar and salt if consumed in high amounts has a bad impact on the overall health. However in reasonable quantities some results may be achieved, in fact the whole idea not half as bad.

Mix Salt And Sugar Before Going To Bed! The Result Is Amazing!

This mixture benefits are the following:

– Reinforcement of the immune system

– Treating headache

– Overcoming insomnia

– Increasing energy levels

– Increasing the levels of serotonin and electrolytes

– Anti stress properties.

Furthermore we will give you the formula for this astonishing blend.


– 5 tsp. of brown sugar

– 1 tsp. of unrefined sea salt

How to prepare:

The ratio between salt and sugar should be 1:5. Mix the two ingredients and put them in previously sterilized glass jar.

The proportion of salt and sugar ought to be 1:5. Mix the two fixings and place them in an already disinfected glass container.

Way of consuming:

Before bed time or in the evening, take a little measure of the mix and spot it under your tongue giving it time to gradually break down.

Salt’s sodium enables the cells breathing properly and produces vitality. Sugar, then again, goes about as a “microorganism” to cells in light of the fact that glucose is a dependable vitality supplement for the mitochondria. Additionally, both fixings are capable to battle against anxiety, which has a negative effect on your digestion system.

If you experience the ill effects of sleep deprivation, stay wakeful late around evening time and just can’t close your eyes, the blend made of salt and sugar is perfect for you.

Source: healthylivinghouse

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