Mix These 2 Ingredients And Say Goodbye To The Sinusitis – Phlegm – Flu – Rhinitis And More…

It is better for you to make use of a completely natural homemade recipe that will relieve you of your symptoms, while ensuring that you do not encounter any problems later on in life, as the recipe has no known side effects. To make this recipe, you will need only two ingredients, namely: Ginger and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).

Preparation And Use

  • Get a glass bowl and in it mix your ACV and your grated ginger.
  • Use a lid to seal the glass bowl and keep this mixture aside in a cool dark place for a period of 10 days. Make sure to shake the mixture from time to time.
  • Using this recipe is easy and only requires a simple inhalation procedure from the sufferer of sinusitis and other similar infections.
  • Bend your head over the bowl and have a towel over your head as you do. Inhale the vapour from the recipe.
  • You can also dip a handkerchief in the mixture and place this on your neck at night.
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