Most Cruel Sports Involving Animals

The definition of sport among other things is some sort of amusement or a diversion. It is appalling that civilized societies the world over get their kicks by brutalizing animals in so many different ways. All for their own amusement and entertainment? Over time, man has devised many different ways to use animals for his ‘time pass’. Here we look at some of the most egregious of them.

This blood sport has probably been the subject matter of more protests from animal rights groups than any other. Thankfully, however the protests have had their effect and we are seeing less and less of this needlessly cruel activity. 

Circuses create unnatural captive environments for animals that are then made to perform strange acts contrary to their own volition. Whips, rods, hooks and even electric prods are used in the process of training.

Bear Shows
Bears in captivity were trained to fight, dance, ride bicycles and put on other types of entertainment for people. Then there is Bear Baiting or Bear Baying (trained dogs are released on a chained bear) another ingenious form of animal torture.

Hare Coursing
Thankfully this ‘sport’ is almost completely outlawed. It involves dogs chasing hares. Surely if one enjoys watching animals chasing one another, they can watch the Discovery Channel!

Animal Racing
One could argue that racing is not cruel and the animals are kept in relative comfort. However, greyhounds and race horses who outlive their utility may be destined for some very grim fate killed sold to a slaughter house or donated for animal experiments.

We must spread awareness about these issues to help stop animal exploitation! 
Stop cruelty on Animals !
Because they all are loveable.

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