Most Effective Way of Reducing High Blood Pressure in 5 Minutes Without Medication!

Nowadays, high blood pressure is the one of the most dangerous diseases, which is caused by increased consummation of alcohol, smoking, salty food, obesity, sleeps deprivation, and stress.

Lifestyle is important role in treatment of high blood pressure. If you successfully manage the blood pressure with a healthy lifestyle, you can reduce or delay the need for medication.

This problem is extremely common in the United States, so you aren’t the only one that suffers from high blood pressure.

If you have a family history of high blood pressure, be sure to monitor your blood pressure regularly to ensure that it is in a healthy level.

Lu Hun Sen is a doctor of the Russia’s capital city soccer club called “Spartak”, and he revealed ancient Chinese medicine secret that will help you to balance your blood pressure.

Point 1-2

Points one and two go behind your ear cartilage to the center of your neckline bone. This are must not be rubbed, squeezed, but it should be gradually touched. Scarcely touching with the tips of your fingers, rehash ten times from up to down, and ten times more in the opposite directions.

Point 3

The third point begins on your face almost half inch away from your earlobe and ends towards the nose. Massage the both sides with the fingertips, but don’t push too hard. Do this for 1 minute. The point of this massage is to feel some pressure on a certain place, not to feel pain.

Don’t hesitate to try this ancient old Chinese effective medicine secret when you have high blood pressure. The massage will normalize your blood pressure and will support proper blood flow in your body. There are many medicinal drugs to prevent this issue, but unfortunately all of them come with some type of side effect that is harmful for your body.

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