Myths About a Vegetarian Diet and Vegetarian Eating

 There are lots of misconceptions about vegetarian diets and vegetarian eating. Some of these notions make meat-eaters very wary of vegetarian diets because of fears that vegetarianism is difficult or dangerous. 

Let’s clear those misconceptions:

1. Vegetarian Food is Time Consuming and Complicated
Not true. Truth is, you can easily plan and prepare vegetarian meals. If you enjoy cooking, you can try a variety of delicious vegetarian recipes. Vegetarian food takes less time to cook and are really easy to make.


2. Vegetarian Diets Are Unhealthy
Not true. Unbalanced vegetarian diets are just as unhealthy as unbalanced meat-based diets. But balanced vegetarian eating plans are perfectly healthy. In fact, studies show that vegetarians enjoy better health than meat eaters, with reduced risks of heart disease and cancer. 

3. Vegetarians Can’t Get Enough Protein Without Eating Special Combinations of Plant Foods
Not true. Yes, it’s correct to say that particular combinations of plant foods – e.g. grains + legumes – boost the availability of protein from these foods. But combining foods in this way is no longer something vegetarians need do to guarantee adequate protein uptake. As long as the vegetarians eat these foods during the course of the day, their protein intake is fine. The secret to getting adequate protein is to eat a variety of healthy foods throughout the day.

So No need to worry
Be Proud to be a Vegetarian….
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