Natural Balm That Will Remove the Pigmented Spots on Your Face

It is not easy to remove the pigmented spots on your face. The following natural balm has been proven as extremely effective in removing the face spots.

You need the following ingredients to make the incredible balm:

– 250 ml olive oil
– 50 grams sour cherry seeds

Natural Balm for Removing the Pigmented Spots on the Face


The first thing you should is to crush the hard shell of the seeds and grind the internal part. After that put the seeds in a jar and pour the olive oil. Then let it stay in a dark place for 14 days.

After the fourteenth day, strain the combination through several layers of gauze. Place the mixture that you will get in a glass jar it’s finally ready to use.

– Wash your face no matter what part of the day you apply the natural balm – get rid of makeup grime, sweat.

– Try to apply the cream on damp skin

– Using small quantities is the perfect way to apply the cream on your precious face

– Apply small spots all over the face instead of taking a finger full of the cream and then smoothen it out.

These tips will help you to apply the natural balm on every part of your face and finally get rid of the pigmented spots.

Source: losingweightdone

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