Natural drug for Ear inflammation and infection

According scientific research ears are one of the most sensitive human organs, so that is why are prone to infections, especially in young children, but also adults. The ear as an organ consists of outer, inner and middle ear, and infection or inflammation can affect any part of, but usually it comes to inflammation of the outer ear. The most common causes of inflammation are viruses and bacteria that can be found in a dirty water. Symptoms of ear infection include pain, redness, tinnitus, and it is possible high temperatureHere is how you can naturally cure an ear infection in adults and children.

InfekcijaInfection and ear pain – prescription foe an amazing natural cure

This is a very simple recipe for sore ears and the experience a lot of people say that it quickly helps.

It’s necessary:

  • olive oil
  • garlic

Preparation: Put quarter cup of unrefined olive oil in a pan that is on a low heat-, then add about four cloves of crushed garlic. Fry the garlic in the oil until it become brownish, and then remove the garlic pieces and leave the resulting oil to cool to room temperature. Then use a dropper (or a bottle of drops) and put with it few drops of this medicinal oil. Wait a few minutes to allow the oil completely entered the affected ear.

Repeat several times a day and use until improvement.

This oil can be left in the refrigerator in a glass bottle and used as needed by pre-heating to room temperature.

These drops are effective and pain in the ears can stop even the following day. If the pain lasts longer than a few days, consult your doctor because it can be a serious illness.

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