Natural Herbs To Fight Off Acid Reflux!

Using herbs for heartburn and other related stomach issues has been a common practice for centuries. Today, herbal remedies can often treat acid reflux with fewer side effects and less exposure to synthetic chemicals than over-the-counter medications.


German Chamomile– German chamomile is a wonderful herbal remedy for stomach problems of all types. It is a relaxant, so a great herb for acid reflux caused by stress. German chamomile is among the safest and well-tested herbs, so it would be perfect for those individuals just beginning to explore the possibility of healing with herbs. Finally, since there are no known interactions, chamomile can often be used with most heartburn medications as well as other herbs.


Fenugreek Seed– Benefits: Unlike most herbs for acid reflux, fenugreek seed is effective because of it’s physical not chemical assets. Fenugreek seed works like a sponge to absorb excess stomach acid. Since it is a commonly used food additive, fenugreek seed can often be sprinkled over a meal.


Agrimony– Agrimony is a good herb for heartburn caused by general stomach distress. When heartburn presents with diarrhea, vomiting and nausea, agrimony may be your best choice. A combination of chamomile, fenugreek seed and agrimony can be used to treat acid reflux.


Wood Betony– Betony is another “do all’ herb and is one of the best herbs for acid reflux caused by diet. This used with fenugreek seed can relieve the pain of heartburn and reduce the amount of acid in the stomach. Because wood betony is slightly calmative, it is also an effective herb for acid reflux caused by stress.


Hyssop– Hyssop is excellent for the lining of the stomach and is one of the best herbs for heartburn that accompanies an ulcer. It also reduces gas and stomach cramps, so can be used for temporary relief from many stomach issues. Hyssop tea is also delicious.

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