Natural Home Remedies For Nose Bleeding

Nose bleeding is a common condition that is prevalent in children as well as adults. It occurs as a result of the vulnerability of the mucous membrane of nose that contains numerous blood vessels. Causes of nose bleeding include injury to the nose, infection of the mucous membrane, dryness, cold, nose picking and also a trauma to the nose. However it may also be idiopathic (without any reason). Most of the nose bleeding occurs in the frontal part of the nose. If bleeding occurs internally, you need to consult a doctor.

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Home Remedy For Nose Bleed

The age old remedy to stop the bleeding would be pouring of cold water over the head. It would be idle if the patient puts his head under running tap water.

Placing a wet towel on the head has been found to be beneficial in curing nose bleeding.

Apply an ice pack on the nose. This is an easy and effective way to cure nose bleeding.

Put 2 drops of lemon juice in the bleeding nostril.

Put a pinch of salt in about 100 ml of water and spray it inside the nose. Saline water is a good remedy for treating nose bleed.

When nosebleed occurs, humidify the air with a good air humidifier. This prevents the nose from working exceedingly hard, thereby preventing bleeding.

Dip a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply it on the bleeding nose. It helps the blood to coagulate and bleeding will stop.

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