Natural Painkiller You Can Find In Your Backyard That Works Better Than Morphine

People from all over the world have been using herbal natural remedies for the treatment of many injuries and illnesses. Opposite of the painkillers that only sooth the pain, natural remedies improve and accelerate the natural healing process. On the basis of the findings of the Encyclopaedia of Natural Medicine, the natural healing process of the body needs joined work of tissues and organs, and herbs to support them and avoid additional side effects.

One of the most effective medicinal miracles from nature is the wild lettuce (a.k.a Lactuca virosa) that grows in England and North America. It’s one of the most powerful natural painkillers. Although it might look different throughout the seasons, it has mature leaves or yellow flowers and it can grow up to 7 feet in height. It is rich in numerous pain-relieving and sedative features.

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