Natural Remedies for Heel Spurs Pain!

Patients complaining pain in one of the heels or back of the foot, often returns from the doctor’s office with a diagnosis of Calcaneal spur.
The symptoms arise due to friction of spur with the bone and other soft tissues. There will be poky or stitching pain. The pain can be very severe for many. The pain could be severer. Most patients may present with pain while initial making steps, especially while getting up from bed in the morning. The friction leads to inflammation or swelling.

Treatment for Heel Pain‎

➡Ice packs
Used for any and every sort of inflammation, try icing your heel as soon as you feel pain after a day of rigorous activity. For better covering of the arch of your foot, try rolling a frozen bottle of water under your feet. Ice packs are also recommended for relief from the heel spur pain.

➡Apple cider vinegar
Already known for its anti-inflammatory properties in the gastrointestinal tract when consumed in small quantities, apple cider vinegar can also be used in warm towel application around the foot to drain the away the pain and discomfort.

➡Oil massage
Warm oil massages are extremely beneficial for your feet even under normal circumstances. If you suffer from heel spur pain, warm up a small amount of coconut or olive oil and deeply massage into the heel. You can also use aloe vera to do so. The warm oil will comfort your heels and keep them safe from effects of excessive wear and tear.

➡Herbal tea
Natural green tea made of herbs such as Alfalfa leaves have anti-oxidant properties that fight inflammation and boost immunity. Drink regularly to reduce pain and prevent further formation of heel spurs.

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