Natural Remedies For Thyroid Cystic Nodules!

The thyroid gland is located in the neck and it is a ductless type of gland. Its main function is the production and secretion of hormones that regulate growth and development, by controlling the rate of the metabolism. In some cases, small growths, called cystic nodules develop in the thyroid gland. Regardless of whether they are solid or filled with fluid, they are usually benign. This means that they don’t spread and end up as cancerous growths.

Natural Remedies For Thyroid Cystic Nodules!

Very often, you may already have a thyroid cystic nodule without being aware of it. It is so because it doesn`t show any symptoms. The large ones may become visible on the neck and result in difficulty in swallowing. As these growths tend to secrete thyroxin in addition to the one already secreted by the thyroid gland, you are likely to experience heart palpitations, nervousness, and weight loss as a result to the excessive amount of the aforementioned hormone.

Nowadays, you can find numerous medical treatments for thyroid cystic nodules. Some of them include surgery and radioactive iodine therapy. On the other hand, there are many all-natural remedies for this issue that are believed to help in treating the symptoms and causing them do disappear. Consider the following:

Combat Stress Effectively

As thyroid cystic nodules may potentially cause symptoms like heart palpitations and nervousness, it is advisable to reduce stress as much as possible. This is really important because proper stress management can help counter the effects of the stress. Some of the recommended stress-boosting activities are the following:

Listening to music
Doing yoga
Taking a relaxing bath
Embracing a new hobby
Getting a massage
Add Iodine-Rich Food in Your Diet

One of the main reasons behind thyroid cystic nodules is the deficiency in iodine. So, it is not surprising that the regular consumption of foods rich in iodine can help a lot with this health condition. Some of the best sources of iodine are the following:

Dried fruits

Consumption of alcohol in large quantities can result in many health problems, including the development of thyroid cystic nodules. It is also recommended to avoid sodas, tea, coffee, and other beverages that contain caffeine.

Eliminate Sugar and Processed Foods

Both sugar and the chemicals used in processed foods are known as substances with pro-inflammatory properties. In case of having thyroid cystic nodules, it is recommended to avoid inflammation as much as you can. When shopping, stay away from products that contain sugar as well as from processed foods.

Drink Ginger or Herbal Teas

If you are used to consuming coffee or tea in the morning, consider replacing them with ginger tea. This tea has anti-inflammatory properties which make it ideal beverage for ones suffering from thyroid cystic nodules. As herbal teas are free of caffeine, they are also a very good idea.

Consume Plenty of Citrus Fruits

All citrus fruits, including the grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, and lemons are very beneficial when it comes to thyroid cystic nodules. It is so because they help dissolve excess mucus in the body. Moreover, they are rich in vitamin C, a very potent antioxidant which lowers the risk of cancer and it strengthens the immune system in general.

Source: healthyfoodadvice

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