Natural Ways To Relieve Mosquito Bites!

One of the common summer nuisances is itching and scratching like mad due to mosquito bites. While mosquito bites are usually harmless, occasionally they can cause redness, soreness, itching and swelling. Mosquito bites are caused by female mosquitoes that inject saliva into your skin. The proteins in the saliva trigger a mild immune system reaction which results in itchy bumps on your skin.

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Here Are Some Natural Ways To Relieve Mosquito Bites

Baking soda

Baking soda is alkaline and as a result it can ease insect itching. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with water to get a thick paste and apply to the affected area. Leave for a few minutes and then rinse with warm water.

Oatmeal paste

Oatmeal helps to relieve itching so use ground oatmeal mixed with a little bit of water to create a paste and apply to the affected area. Leave it to dry and then rinse.

Raw Honey

Honey can prevent infection due to its antiseptic properties. Simply apply a little bit of honey to the affected area.

Ice Pack

Applying ice pack or ice cubes to the affected area can reduce swelling and relieve itching. Leave it for about 15 minutes.

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Aloe vera

Due to its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effects, various skin problems can be treated by using aloe vera. The application of Aloe Vera to your skin, cools the affected area, lessens the pain or itchiness and also aids in the healing process.


Potato, onion or garlic Slices

Potato, onion or garlic slices are a commonly used method for reducing the swelling and itching. Simply place a fresh slice on the affected area for a few minutes until the itching subsides. Then rinse with water.

Banana Peel

Rubbing the bites with the inside of a banana peel for a few minutes can relieve the itching.

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These are most-effective natural ways for relieve and treat mosquito bites. Please Share it helpful post with your friends and family!!

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