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Overpopulation is a concerning issue for many people. It’s expected the human population will exceed 9 billion by 2050 and 11 billion by 2100. Access to inexpensive family planning and education about sexual health are the two greatest tools in the fight against unwanted pregnancies and the burdens of overpopulation.

There are lines of defense against pregnancy, like the pill for women and condoms for men. But condoms aren’t always 100% effective and the pill has terrible side effects for some women, not all of course.

But according to one study, neem could be the key to to reducing unwanted pregnancies and radical population growth.


One part of the study examined rats. One group of rats was given neem oil by intrauterine route. Control rats were given peanut oil.

All the control rats became pregnant. Rats treated with neem oil were totally infertile for a period of time ranging from 107 to 180 days, even after repeated matings.

Additionally, it was found that neem oil, in vitro, is a strong spermicidal agent. Rhesus monkeys and human spermatazoa became totally immobile upon contact with the undiluted oil.


The study examined 20 rats, 8 rabbits, 14 rhesus monkeys, and 10 human volunteers.

Additionally, overall fertility in men was radically reduced due to the activity of neem. Rabbits, mice, rats, and guinea pigs were given an oral feeding of fresh green neem leaves every day.

Infertility was seen in the male rats at a rate of 66.7%. There was no impotence or loss of libido associated with the infertility, however.

Human population growth has been tied to majorly cataclysmic things globally, from climate change to the rise of despots to the depletion of natural resources.

Neem oil is a safe alternative to people who don’t want to put eternal hormones in their body. Some people need it to help balance their hormones, but it can be harmful to many.

Why do you think this isn’t more publicly talked about? It seems this natural aid has been hidden in the shadow of Big Pharma. This type of contraceptive is never discussed in the mass media. Why do you think this is?

Source: My Natural Way of Life

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