Never Have Ingrown Hairs Again With These Easy Tips!

Even though they are not a serious health problem, ingrown hairs can be seriously annoying, unpleasant and embarrassing. That is the occurrence of curling around of a hair and its growing inside the skin instead of surfacing up and outwards. Ingrown hairs usually occur in the areas that are shaved most often as razors leave the hair with a sharp edge that can easily grow into the skin. However, they can also occur even if you remove your body hair by waxing. Also, the snug-fitting clothes can cause these hairs to appear.

Never Have Ingrown Hairs Again With These Easy Tips!

Especially prone to ingrown hairs are the people who have coarse or curly hair, because their hair has already a tendency to curl. Ingrown hairs can cause small razor bumps that can be frustrating, and sometimes even dangerous, because, if you are not careful, they can cause infections.  They can be grim trouble, but you should not worry or become desperate, since there are some things you can do to make sure that you will never suffer from an annoying ingrown hair ever again.

1. Up your pre-shave game

The first change you should make when it comes to your shaving habit is to include some steam into your shaving regimen. The best way to incorporate the steam is to use hot shower or bath, but you can also use a warm, damp cloth to the area. Wash the area you are planning to shave using a mild cleanser and then apply a lubricating shaving cream or gel several minutes before shaving. By doing this, you are going to make the hairs softer and easier to shave. They are also going to become less liable to coarse breakage.

2. Choose the right razor

When you buy razors, do not be tightfisted. Make sure the razor you use is always sharp and once you notice that the blade or the blades is/are becoming dull, replace the blade or cartridge right away. Experiment with both single-bladed and multi-bladed razors and then decide which one works best for you.

3. Use proper shaving technique

Shave using the grain and rinse the blade off after each stroke. Avoid hard pressing of the blade to your skin and pulling your skin stretched tight. Maybe you won’t get the best results possible, but your skin is going to thank you, and you are trying to protect it, right? In the end, gently wash the shaved area using a mild cleanser and lukewarm water. Dry your skin by gently patting.

4. Apply acne medication to affected area

Do you remember the weird pre-teen days when you needed acne cream for calming your bursting pubescent skin? In case you still deal with some ingrown hair, even though you used the proper shaving technique, bust out the acne cream again and apply it to the ingrown hair areas. The cream will have positive effects for reducing of the swelling and the inflammation.

5. Don’t touch it!

The rule number one you should stick to if you have ingrown hairs is to never pick at them with your fingers. The skin on your fingers is covered with various bacteria and touching an ingrown hair area can cause inflammation, irritation, and infection. That is why you should remember to keep your hands off!

6. Exfoliate regularly

By exfoliating you eliminate the dirt and the dead skin cells from you skin surface, but you also soften the hairs in that area. By doing this, you make sure that the skin cells won’t block your pores and cause ingrown hairs. For exfoliation, you are recommended to use scrubs or exfoliating cloths and pads. If you already have an ingrown hair, you can gently exfoliate the area around it, and thus lessen the problem sooner.

7. Remove the hair with tweezers

Once you see the hair showing itself from under your skin surface, use a pair of sterilized tweezers and pull it out from its inflamed chasm. First, dab the affected area using a cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol, and then rub a clean cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol on the tweezers. Once your hair is removed, gently clean the area using soap and afterwards, apply an antibacterial ointment to the area.

8. Simply stop shaving or waxing

If you really cannot deal with the ingrown hairs and they continue occurring no matter what, just leave your hair grow freely and enjoy your new shaggy dog appearance. Caution: do not get surprised if someone confuses you for a Sasquatch.

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