Never Ignore These Menstrual Problems!

These symptoms are signal that you should see a gynecologist immediately.

Never Ignore These Menstrual Problems!

Sudden and intensive cramps

If you have cramps that cause you unbearable pain, you may suffer from endometriosis. Endometriosis is a condition in which the cells that grow inside of the uterus are starting to grow even from the external wall of the uterus and they cause bad and abnormal pain.

The symptoms can appear any time, and most of the women who are diagnosed with this condition usually had painful menstruation from the time when they were way younger.

Absent Menstruation

Two or more exempted menstrual cycles can be a reason for a few, not really good things. The reasons can be hormonal misbalance, thyroid problems, excessive workouts or diet, stress or premature menopause.

The absent menstruation can lead to higher growth of abnormal cells (potential condition before cancer).

Except the usual treatment, your gynecologist should do a blood test and check your hormone level, your thyroid and he can check do you have polycystic ovaries.

Abnormal bleeding

Abnormal bleeding between your cycles can be completely normal, especially if you are taking birth control pills, but still you should go and see a doctor. It can also mean that you might have ovarian cyst, fibroids or pre-cancer cells.

Unbearable symptoms of PMS

If you experience symptoms which include uncontrolled cravings for food, changes in your mood, depression, great anxiety, rage and losing your own control, you probably suffer from premenstrual dysphoric disorder, which is incomparably worse than the classic premenstrual syndrome.

These symptoms can be very unpleasant, but with taking antidepressants for 2 weeks or 1 month, it can make a huge difference.

Excessive bleeding or cycle that lasts more than 10 days

What does excessive bleeding mean? If you change your insole every hour, that can be called excessive bleeding.

This can indicate some medical problems, like fibroids or polyps that can cause anemia. This kind of condition requires urgent medical intervention.

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