Non-Food Things That Make You Fat

fat-manOvereating can make you fat, and that’s a fact. However, fatty and sugary foods are not the only ones responsible for all those unwanted pounds. There are actually non-food things around you that can be making you overweight.

It’s high time that you take a look at the bigger picture if having a healthy diet and regularly hitting the gym cannot seem to make you shed off excess weight. Identify which of the following is keeping you from having a phenomenal figure:

Social Media

Sitting in front of a computer checking out what your family, friends, favorite celebrities and complete strangers are up to isn’t really a good form of exercise. Social media is also a source of some of the crappiest diets on the planet.

 Cooking Shows

Watching these shows where the stars are culinary masterpieces is enough to fill your mouth with saliva, leaving you munching on food more often than necessary.

Watching TV Shows in General

It’s no secret that leading a sedentary lifestyle can cause you to gain a lot of weight. Nothing can rob you of your daily dose of physical activity more than being slumped in the couch in front of the TV for several hours.

Being with Fat People

Surrounding yourself with overweight people can make you imbibe some of the most terrible habits they have. Some of them include opting for unhealthy food and steering clear of exercising regularly.

Poor Reading Skills

It’s very important to read the label before placing any product in your shopping cart. A lot of today’s food manufacturers will do anything to win the hearts of health-conscious shoppers by stamping lies on the packaging.

Lack of Sleep at Night

Researches have shown that people who fail to have a good night’s sleep tend to overeat the following day. Lack of sleep can make anyone’s self-control spiral out of control.

A Stressful Life

One of the things that can make your waistline expand is stress. This causes the body to collect fat cells in the midsection in order to protect the vital organs from harm. What’s more, stress can make you feel hungry all the time.

Staying in a Warm Room

Did you know that your metabolism is faster when it’s colder because your muscles burn lots of calories to regulate your body temperature? If you want to lose weight, get that thermostat turned down.

Using Plastic Containers

Toxins in plastic containers leach into your food and trigger hormonal imbalance once they’re in your system, and this can wreak havoc to your appearance and health by causing you to gain weight.

Environmental Pollutants

Chemicals that can cause hormonal imbalance and ultimately weight gain and various other problems are everywhere. Limiting your exposure to them as well as the use of certain cosmetics and household products can work wonders.

Entertaining Guests in the Kitchen

Naturally, there’s food in the kitchen. This is why making the kitchen the center of your home where you entertain your guests can encourage you to eat food excessively.

Source: 1mhealthtips

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