Non-vegetarian Food – Healthy or Unhealthy? You will be Surprised To Know…


According to one finding, in India alone around 33 crores of birds and animals are killed every year and 50 lakh ton of flesh trade is carried on. This is enough to show that innumerable birds and animals are killed every year throughout the world. The question that arises is – is it not possible for human beings to live healthy without eating non-vegetarian food? 

Is there no other food item left in this world, from which man can obtain all the required nutrition? 
The fact is that man can get less expensive, nutritious, disease curing and healthy food from vegetarian food without killing any living creature. 
This can be proved from the following facts: 
Vegetarian food contains more amount of nutrition than non-vegetarian food.
 Besides the WHO report says that humans contract around 159 types of diseases by the consumption of non-vegetarian food. 

In comparison to non-vegetarian food the vegetarian food is totally harmless, beneficial and keeps us healthy. 
Killing the innocent birds and animals amounts to sin and crime. The poor speechless creatures are subjected to torture during the process of killing.

Comparison of nutritious items present in non-vegetarian and non-vegetarian food:

1. Protein : Gram 22%;Eggs 13.3%; Dals 25% Meat 18.5%; Soybean 43.2%; One kg soybean = 3 kg eggs / 2 kg meat or fish

2. Carbohydrates : Gram 56%; Eggs O%; Dals 60%; Meat 0%; Soybean 22.9%

3. Iron : Gram 9.8%; Eggs 2.1%; Dals 9.8%; Meat 2.5%; Soybean 11.5%;

4. Phosphorous : Gram 0.25%; Eggs 0.22%; Dals 0.37%; Meat 0.15%; Soybean 0.68%

5. Calories : Gram 334-372; Eggs 173; Dals 334-372; Meat 194; Soybean 432



Be Veggie … Live Healthy… Be Happy

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