Not Losing Weight? Maybe You Are Making These 3 Breakfast Mistakes

The oatmeal is a great breakfast if you want to lose weight.

7 Weight-Loss Mistakes

The breakfast boosts the metabolism for the whole day, so you don’t want to miss it. Here we will show you 4 breakfast mistakes and how to fix them.

Mistake: you skip the breakfast to save calories

To skip the breakfast, maybe looks like a calorie-saver, but it can be a fat trap. The researchers at the Imperial College London discovered that when the people didn’t eat a meal until the afternoon, the reward centers of the brain lit up when they were presented images of some high-calorie foods. That means that turning down treats becomes so difficult, and the person is likely to make up for those skipped calories with some junkier choices later, when it is so difficult to burn them off.

Makeover: Attempt to eat something in the morning. If the time is a problem, always have a healthy energy bar that contains fruit in the bag.

Mistake: you eat high-carb foods in order to get energy

To grab a blueberry muffin together with your coffee, maybe is not so bad, but a bakery muffin has more added sugar than you need to have for the whole day – 44 grams! The American Heart Association says that women have to top out at around 24 g of added sugar every day – that is 6 teaspoons.

Makeover: you don’t have to avoid the sugar completely. Just chop up one square of your favorite dark chocolate and you can mix it into the oatmeal. Also, you can use fruit. Blend up a smoothie or fruit into your oatmeal or yogurt. Also, you can top toast with almond butter or mashed avocado, and then slices of fresh pears or figs.

Mistake: you are eating healthy but you are missing the procedure

Just 8% of the people in America consume the recommended amount of fruits every day (2 cups) and only 6% hit the amount for veggies – 3 cups, according to one report from the Produce for Better Health Foundation. So, even if you eat a whole-wheat sandwich with an egg in the morning, not eating the right amount of the other products may keep you away from your goal.

Makeover: eat minimum 1 serving in the morning for a breakfast by consuming one piece of fruit before leaving your house. Also, you can put greens in your smoothie or add veggies to your omelet.

Source: beautyhealthpage

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