Notice This Kind Of Ear Piercing Around Town – Here’s What It REALLY Means

It works as a holistic method of migraine relief as an alternative to medications. This might sound strange, but it really helps with most of the painful symptoms of chronic migraine, acting like auricular acupuncture and hits a specific pressure point in the ear that relieves the pain.

The NHS states that acupuncture works by nerve stimulation under the skin and in the muscle tissue, resulting in the production of pain-relieving substances like endorphins that are responsible for any beneficial effects form acupuncture. This piercing method works the same way, but it is more permanent.

A lot of people tried it and encourage others to do so. A woman named Nicole Bandes from Arizona said that she had it for 6 months and can admit that it worked for her. The frequency and intensity of her migraines reduced and her husband noticed it before she did. Since she got pierced, she had less than 5 migraines.

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