Now Dettol Soap Sample Fails Quality Test!

After Maggi noodles and dairy-maker Mother Dairy milk, it’s now a Dettol soap bar that has failed the FDA laboratory test.
However, it is not because of sub-standard quality but rather, because its weight didn’t match the weight printed on its wrapper.

According to reports, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) had collected Dettol soap samples from Agra in November last year and subsequently sent them to Lucknow for laboratory tests. The lab report was sent back to the FDA stating that the products were of sub-standard quality, as reported by India Today.

Dettol Soap Too Fails Test

The wrapper of the sample of Dettol soap collected by us mentioned its weight to be 125gm. However, the actual weight in our tests was 117.0470gms.
– RC Yadav, Drug Inspector, Agra to India Today

Source: thequint

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