Nutritionists Claim That This Diet Plan Will Help You Lose 15 Kg In 15 Day

For those who have problems with infected skin, for obese people and digestion this 15 days diet plan is intended . This diet is great cleaner of the skin,  in a natural way it will also help you reduces the absorption of fat and will make your skin look more beautiful.

 It is a very restrictive diet. You should ask your doctor or nutritionist for advice, before  starting this diet and it is recommendable that during this diet you are under a medical supervision. While you are under this diet plan it is very important that you know what are your goals.
This diet reduces the intake of carbohydrates, which leads to a decrease in muscle mass.


Breakfast: a cup of coffee or tea without sugar , 1 orange (or peach, watermelon,  green peas  … bananas), 2 toast .

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