Only 3 To 5% Babies Are Born On Due Date

It’s very rare for a pregnant woman to not know her due date. Most of the time, you have a particular date in your mind when you thinks your baby will set foot into this world. You are constantly dreaming of the day when you get to hold your little bundle of joy. Doctors give the expecting parents an approximate due date according to when the mother conceived. But due dates are funny things and are never accurate. Babies are almost never born when they are due.

Studies show that about 80% of babies are actually born 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after the day they are predicted to.

This means as your due date inches closer the parents have to be ever ready two weeks before anticipating the moment when it’s finally time. The due date is generally predicted as the date 40 weeks from the first date of the last menstrual period you had.

The due date gives you so many things to plan and execute for your baby and yourself. Starting from choosing the name, nursery and deciding where to give birth a due date gives you a definite timeline.

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