Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

What’s the Weight Loss Connection of Oolong Tea?

Here we again go back to the Chinese as they were the ones who conducted a research in 1998 and established their traditional belief that Oolong tea reduces weight over regular consumption. They made this conclusion after making 102 women drink Oolong tea over a period of six weeks. They all lost weight considerably.

How does Oolong Tea work for Weight Loss?

The previous study that we talked about just established that Oolong tea is beneficial in weight loss but how does it work was not studied.

The research conclusion of the earlier mentioned Chinese study was further proved by the  US Agriculture Research Services’ Diet and Human Laboratory. They conducted a research in 2001 to study how Oolong tea influences energy expenditure (EE). Why did they try to know about EE? Because there are only 2 ways in which a food (or drink) can help in reducing weight. First, it can increase energy expenditure (EE) which means increased metabolism and that’s what helps in losing weight. The second way in which foods can reduce weight is by inhibiting the absorption of nutrients, including fat and carbohydrates. (fats and carbohydrates are the ones that make you gain weight!)

So, this research tried to find out whether Oolong tea increases energy expenditure (EE) or not and if yes, then Oolong tea was the answer to many weight loss worries.

These researchers made 12 men drink four beverages over three days. These 4 beverages were, full strength oolong tea; caffeinated water equal to full strength oolong tea; half strength oolong tea; and non caffeinated water.


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