Ovarian Cyst Treatment With Aloe Vera And Honey

Many women are struggling with ovarian cyst problems. Ovarian cysts can be very difficult to cure, but it’s not entirely impossible. Today, we’ll give you a home remedy that can help you with this problem.

Home Remedies For Ovarian Cysts

The Remedy

Take the aloe vera leaves and put them in your refrigerator. Leave them in there for about 2 weeks. After, grate them and squeeze out their juice. Mix the juice with the honey in a 1:1 ratio. Store the remedy in your refrigerator.

How To Use It

Before using the remedy, be sure to warm it up. After warming up the mixture, apply it on a tampon. Place the tampon inside your vagina, and leave it overnight.

Reinforce The Treatment

While the aloe vera leaves are getting ready for the treatment, you can use grated camphor root. Mix camphor juice and honey in a 1:1 ratio. Apply this remedy with a tampon as well. Dip the tampon in the mixture, apply it and leave it overnight.

If you’re doing the camphor treatment, be sure to take a break before doing the aloe vera treatment. After doing a 10 day camphor treatment, take a 10 day break. Then, do a 10 day aloe vera treatment.

If you can, synchronize your menstrual cycle, to appear during the ten-day break, because you can’t use the remedy during your period.

This remedy is great, because not only does it treat cysts, it also treats erosion (cervix sores), infertility and other women problems.

Source: tophealthylife

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