Peels Of Citrus Fruits – Do Not Waste, They Are Useful

In a dimension between the past and the memory of the dear grandma’s remedies and a new concept directed to the future, to environmental sustainability and full awareness of the world around us, there have been many discoveries of reuse of natural ingredients, otherwise destined to the dustbin, as valuable allies for cleaning the house and beauty care. And ‘the case of the peels of citrus fruits, oranges, mandarins, lemons, as we will see later, can be used for various houseworks and for the care of your body.

Peels Of Citrus Fruits

Some examples of home use

1- Clean the coffeepot: Coffeepot clean as new, due to the simultaneous action of lemon peel, water and salt. To remove any remaining dirt just leave this particular solution in your coffeepot for a few hours.

2- Eliminate the limestone from the kettle: To thoroughly clean the kettle and clean him from limestone, just boil water with lemon peel and within the white vinegar (a glass). After an hour, in which the compound will have acted, must simply wash and boil a common water and your kettle will be ready for reuse.

3- Polishing stove and cutlery: Again lemon peel are a great ally in the kitchen. In this case, to shine the cutlery and stoves just rub the peel directly on the object to be polished and make sure to dry it with a microfiber cloth.

Here, instead, uses for body and face

1- Delicate scrub: To remove dead cells from the skin of the face and body and not pay for expensive creams, you dry the skins of tangerine and mince them roughly. When they are processed into granules will be combined with sugar, oatmeal and yogurt, then apply on the affected parts.

2- Face mask for oily skin: The mandarin is still the protagonist due to its astringent properties useful for those with oily skin. Just blend the peel of oranges and tangerines, and join them in half egg white to create a cream to apply to the face. Only 10 minutes to see your skin clean and purified.

3- Cleanse your face: And due to pectin, element contained in the skins of citrus fruits, that this fruits are true allies for facial cleansing. To create a cleansing homemade, just boil the peels of citrus fruits until they are completely dissolved, after they have cooled, apply it to the skin with a cotton pad. Easy and convenient!

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