Pet Adoption – Why Adopting Is More Humane Than Buying?

Due to some common myths about shelter animals, as well as the adoption process itself, pet adoption is a frighteningly unpopular practice. Rescue shelters could benefit the cause greatly by loosening their policies a bit in order to work with qualified pet parents



Adoption is compassion in action– Adopting a pet is a beautiful way to start living with a compassionate attitude toward all living things.

You can help prove common misconceptions wrong– Many people would prefer to get a pet when it is still a youngster because they think that adopting a shelter pet will mean taking on a “problem child” of a cat or dog. However, many of the animals in shelters are there because their former caregivers simply couldn’t take care of them anymore, whether due to financial or time restraints, living arrangements, or other reasons.



You will save an animal from an uncertain fate– With 6-8 million cats and dogs entering shelters each year and 2.7 million adoptable cats and dogs euthanized in shelters each year, each person who adopts a pet from a shelter or an individual rather than buying one from a breeder or pet store is helping to lower the number of euthanizations.

Adoption is a great way to test your parenting skills early– Some people don’t realize some of the benefits of adopting an older pet: they have already grown out of their phase of teething and incessant play, are often house trained, and many times they are even obedience trained.



Their past can be easily accessed– Many shelters offer a lot of information about the pet’s personality, habits, and their life before they ended up at the shelter. Animal shelters are largely run by volunteers who love animals and want the best for each and every one of them.

IT’S CHEAPER– The adoption fee charged by the shelter to cover sterilization and immunization costs is cheaper than it would be to purchase, spay/neuter and immunize a pet purchased from a store or breeder.


AdoptAPet & GlobalAnimal

Adoption is a means of teaching future generations about compassionate living– Pet adoption is the way we should all lead by example to teach compassion to the next generation. The commoditization of animals has a terrible influence on our youth. Purchasing an animal based on image teaches young people that animals are here for our convenience and enjoyment.

It will be great if you can adopt stray dogs and cats from streets that meet untimely death or suffer injuries by meeting with accidents etc.

As humans we should really show care, concern and compassion to other species of life!

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