Please Keep Kids Away from Smartphones!

There’s a big chance that you’ve seen lots of sceneries like this: a mother and father whose kids are mesmerized by some electronic device, which although good for gaming and education, it can actually prevent parents and caretakers to engage in active parenting. Using a tablet, phone or computer may keep their child occupied, but they might become totally dependent on these tools. See what can screen time do to your children.

Smartphone addiction

Increased screen time

This wasn’t always the case, because before the rise of tablets and smartphones kids only had the opportunity to watch TV and with their going outs and school it was very unusual for them to spend much time in front of the screen. But now, children spend hours before various types of screens every day, according to statistics!

This is hazardous for their health, especially during their first 3 years of life. 90% of children watch television on a regular basis, regardless of the recommendation by the American Association of Pediatricians which states that no child should have any screen time before turning two. Sadly, this trend continues to increase as the child grows. This is also harmful for their social skills. For example, look at a group of teenagers and you’ll find out that most, if not all of them, would rather spend time on their phones than talk to each other.

Screens everywhere

This issue partially comes from the availability of electronic devices too. Most households possess multiple TVs, tablets, laptops and smartphones, which presents as an easy access to a screen everywhere in the house. For matters to be even worse, many companies promote kid-friendly tablets and devices, which increase their screen time even more. Not to mention that given unrestricted access to their devices they may see inappropriate content for their age.

Influence on the child’s brain

Once and for all: educational games and TV should be used by children older than infants and babies, because children at this age don’t receive anything useful from any kind of electronic device. A more interactive way should be approached, like reading or hands-on play.

Source: dailynutritionnews

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