Pledge to be veg!

An innocent creature
Given the right to be free
To grow up normally
And to grow up happily.
That is how animal’s lives should be.

When man comes

They want to please their tounge.
They make the animals suffer
And the innocent creatures die.
Cramped up in dirty cages

Crying pains of anguish
While the animals’ days are numbered
Down to their unfortunate fate.

They say meat is food
They say it’s full of protein
They say it’s good for blood
And many more nonsense.

This is what meat brings to your body…

High blood pressure and ulcers
Digestive problems and cancer
Lots of trouble to your organs
And to top it off with more poor health
While you openly invite
Nasty illness, disease, and germs.

Man’s body is made by nature
To eat a vegetarian diet.
Do you have claws?
Do you have sharp teeth?
The answer is no
Unless you’re part human.
Lions, tigers, and crocodiles
Are animals whose bodies are fit for meat

Your temper is bad
You’re full of revenge
You’re savage and cold-hearted.
Your full of barbaric qualities
And can’t control your desires.

Why can’t you have within your hearts
Appreciation, kindness, respect
And have compassion for all creatures?


Be cool
Be content

Be peaceful
Be tender-hearted
Be civil
Be kind to the innocent
Be caring
Most of all
Be loveable

Be Vegetarian.

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