Powerful Beverages To Treat Arthritis Naturally

If you suffer from arthritis, than it means that something is not right with your joints, and it depends on the sort of arthritis to see what is wrong with you. Maybe you have a lack of synovial fluid, autoimmune infection, your cartilage is worn out or even mix of different factors.

The causes don’t matter, arthritis comes with pretty severe pain. Now we are going to tell you some natural ways to get rid of annoying arthritis pain.

Powerful Beverages To Treat Arthritis Naturally

Treat Arthritis with juices

According to many people, juices are awesome long-term method for relieving pain in the joints. They can be very effective, and there is no side effects or unintended consequences.

One of the benefits of this method of healing is that, beside the pain elimination, it has holistic effect on the entire body also. It provides and rejuvenates energy. You don’t have to be worry about overdose, because it is completely safe.

These juices can be used as a preventive, and also as a cure in cases of people whose joints have already been affected by arthritis. We are recommending some juices that have big effects in this case:

Pineapple juice

Pineapple juice contain natural enzymes known as bromelain that has anti-inflammatory properties. That’s why it is very good for the health of joints.

This juice is very effective in postoperative swelling, joint pain and sport injuries. Also it is great fuel for our body and it has almost all the necessary vitamins and minerals. The recommended dosage is 300-350 milliliters of pineapple juice per day.

Cherry juice

Cherries have chemical called anthocyanins that acts as a strong anti-inflammatory agent and can relieve pain caused by arthritis. They also have coper and beta carotene, which have big effect in the healing of the rheumatoid arthritis.

The juice of raw potato

This is the one of the most effective natural cure for issues caused by arthritis. It is used for ages for these purposes. Traditional method of making this juice is to cut the potatoes on very thin pieces, together with the peel and put them in a glass with water. Leave the mixture to stand over the night. Drink the water on an empty stomach in the morning.


You can make this juices from raw fruits with a blender or juicer, because the bought juices of cherries and pineapple cannot be used as medicine.

Source: healthylivinghouse

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