Powerful Technique To Heal Your Body And Soul

People have practiced healing techniques, like massage therapies, reflexology and acupuncture, for centuries in the Far East. They have practiced that in order to treat many illnesses, stress, trauma and pain. But in the last decade they became popular in Europe and America.

The oriental system of balancing the bodily functions and life energy is called Jin Shin Jyutsu and according to their beliefs it can treat neck and back pain, anxiety, sciatica, depression and PTSD. It involves pulling or/and pressing of every finger on the hand.

The first one to practice this technique in the US was M. Burmeister. She learned the technique from a specialist, Jiro Murai.

In the following video > youtube.com, you can see how it is performed.
Pay attention to each of the fingers because each finger has a different function. It has benefits for both men and women and also for children. The best thing is that is lasts for a minute.
It will help you eliminate the fear, anger, grief, depression and anxiety.

Source: naturalhealthyteam

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