Prepare Tomato Ketchup At Home!

Theses days tomatoes are very cheap in the market. This is a good time to make tomato ketchup. Home made tomato ketchup will definitely be loved by your entire family.



Tomatoes 2 kilograms
Sugar 80 grams
Salt 10 grams
Acetic acid (glacial) 4 millilitres
Red chilli powder (deghi mirch) 1 gram
Ginger finely chopped2 grams
Onion finely chopped10 grams
Cloves 1 gram
Cinnamon broken1 gram
Cumin seeds 1 gram
Black peppercorns 1 gram
Sodium benzoate 0.3 gram


Step 1 – Halve tomatoes, deseed and make a puree in a blender to get a yield of 1.2 kgs or else adjust the quantity of tomatoes used to make puree. Tie up cloves, cinnamon, green cardamoms, cumin seeds and peppercorns in a piece of muslin cloth to make a potli. Pour tomato puree into a deep pan.

Step 2 – Place spice potli in it and cook on medium heat. Add finely chopped ginger and onion and continue cooking. Add one third of the sugar and stir. Add salt, red chilli powder and cook till the mixture reduces to one third of its original quantity.

Step 3 – Add remaining sugar and continue to cook till water does not separate. To test pour a spoonful on a plate. If the water does not separate the right consistency has been reached. Mix sodium benzoate in a little water.

Step 4 – Remove spice potli from the mixture, squeezing it to extract all the flavours. Strain the mixture through a strainer. Add acetic acid and sodium benzoate and mix well. Pour into dry and hot sterilized bottles taking care not to fill till the rim of the bottles.

Step 5 – You can further pasteurize the filled bottles for thirty to thirty five minutes in hot water at 85°C to 88°C.

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