Press this point on the hand and headache will disappear immediately (VIDEO)

Incredibly effective technique to get rid of headaches. Next time when you will have a headache, try to apply this. You will be surprised how effective is.

tacka-na-ruciAcupressure is an incredibly effective method that is most effective for headaches, pain in the neck and shoulders. Follow the movements of the tape and view points that are crucial for a headache.

Place your thumb and index finger on the door, as in the video and drag from the bottom to the top, and back of the head. When you have a natural cavity in which the fingers literally fall, you have found the right spot. Remember, you should never massaged vertebrae, but only on the side. Even more important is the point of the hand between the thumb and forefinger.

The previous points are crucial, but if you want to find the others then watch the video below. One is at the top of the head, parallel with the tops of the ears, then the point between the eyebrows, then four inches below the knee.

Massage some of these points, so the pressure of the dosage is inside the margins of pleasant pain, it should not be unpleasant, and headache will literally disappear – as if by magic.

Source: Foods and Healthy Life

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