Priceless Advises From A 103 Year Old Japanese Doctor

Doctor Shigeaki Hinohara, a 103 year old Japanese doctor, currently weighs 60 kg and has had this body weight since his 30’s.According to him, his healthy diet helped him reach old age.

Not only the oldest doctor in Japan, but also in the world, he’s the president of the council of trustees at St. Luke’s Hospital in Tokyo. He teaches about nutrition throughout the country and is consistently busy.

Dr. Hinohara has published over 150 books since the age of 75, one of which, “Living Long, Living Good” sold over 1.2 million copies.

Priceless Advises From A 103 Year Old Japanese Doctor

He encourages people to live a long and happy life, and says he’s the perfect example.

Dr. Hinohara’s Life Principles

According to Dr. Hinohara, energy comes when we’re feeling good, and not because of what we eat or how much we sleep. According to him, there’s no need for strict rules about dinner and the hours intended for sleeping.

All long-living people, regardless of their race, sex or nationality, have one thing in common – the

y’re not overweight.

Food Is The Most Important Thing

For breakfast, he drinks a glass of fruit juice, combined with a tablespoon of olive oil, or a glass of milk with a little bit of powdered lentils and a banana.

For lunch, he eats 2-3 biscuits with a glass of milk, or he just skips it. He says that, when he’s focused on work, he never feels hungry.

For dinner, he eats fruit, fish with riceand 90 grams of fat meat two times a week.

Be Busy And Only Look Forward

Dr. Hinohara is so busy, that his usual work at the hospital is filled with a year ahead.

Contrary to popular belief, doctors can’t cure everything. He believes that animal and music therapy can do more than what doctors can imagine.

Take The Stairs And Carry Your Own Luggage

The doctor takes two steps at a time, so he can keep his muscles in good shape. He tries to walk 2000 to 2500 steps at a low rate, every day.

Pain Is Something Mysterious

According to Dr. Hinohara, the best way to forget about pain is to have fun.

“Don’t worry too much about material things. Never forget that when death comes, you won’t take anything with you. “- says Dr. Hinohara.

Science Doesn’t Treat People On Its Own

According to Dr. Hinohara, sciences doesn’t treat all people equally. He believes that diseases are individual.

“In order to treat diseases, we need to know the disease, as well as the medicine”. – Dr. Hinohara.

Find Your Hero And Try To Be Better Than Him

Dr. Hinohara’s hero was his father. Whenever he finds himself in a complicated situation, he wonders what his father would do.

Life Is Full Of Incidents And Possibilities

In March 1970, when the doctor was 59 years old, he was traveling from Tokyo to Fukuoka.The plane he was traveling with was kidnapped by a faction of the Japanese Communist League. As a result, he had to pass the next 4 days in his seat on a 40 degree heat. That’s when he noticed that the body slows down in a crisis situation.

It’s Wonderful Living ALong Life

From his life experience, Dr. Hinohara says the first 60 years, we’re working for the family and for achieving our goals.Then we direct our energy for society’s benefits.

He has worked as a volunteer for 65 years, and to this day, he can still work up to 18 hours every day of the week.

Source: My Natural Way Of Life

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