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Sometimes, your digestive system can be responsible for the excess pounds. Some people have a slow digestive system and that is a adequate reason not to burn the right amount of calories and to put on weight. The lemon, known as the largest source of vitamin C, should not be consumed only when you have a cold. It’ is a great stimulator of the stomach which enhances and speeds up digestion.


The slower metabolism obstructs the loss of calories. Instead of burning fat, the body pile unnecessary toxins that make you feel tired and sleepless. Despite what you intake many calories, you always feel hungry. It is a sign that you lack the right nutrient for your body.

Citric acid of the lemon and the rind speeds up digestion

The acidity stimulates the secretion of gastric juices and thus the food is digested for an hour. Regardless of the food and the fats, citric acid is a good neutralizer that does not allow to accrue blood sugar. In particular, this effect increases the lemon rind. Once you eat, it turns into a kind of sticky gel. This gel prevents the stomach to absorb sugars where the feel of hunger disappears. The lemon rind also consists pectin which is a rich source of fiber. Remember, except for the replacement of reserves of vitamin C, lemon is a stimulator of your digestive system.

lemon water

Consume freshly squeezed juice!

The positive aspect of citric diet is that you can eat even ice cream and chocolate. The basic rule is that you must consume lemon juice, rind or a whole lemon with its flesh during the day. It’s great to use as a food addictive as a lemon sauce in many salads, you can put in a coffee, lemon cookies, tea, grating into a soup or sweets, lemon meringue pie etc.

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