Protect Your Eyes from the Negative Effects of Digital Devices

Most of us spend a lot of time around digital devices. We get in contact with electronic since we wake up in the morning to turn off your cell phone’s alarm, from typing all day in front of our computer for work and ending the day by checking our social media accounts. We live in the age where living without a digital device is close to impossible. We spend a lot of our time with these devices and these can have a negative effect on our health, especially for our eyes.

We can get affected negatively by these devices in different ways, but the most frequent one is eye damage. People are not that aware that protecting yourself from these negative effects are easier, below are some sure fire way to protect your eyes. Incorporate these easy tips to your everyday routine to help you prevent further eye damage.

Protect Your Eyes from the Negative Effects of Digital Devices

Eye Exercises

If you stop moving for a long time your muscle will start to hurt or become numb, it’s the same with your eyes. To prevent our muscles from hurting, we tend to stretch it out or massage them, with your eyes it’s important to exercise them every few minutes. If we stare at a device too long our eyes become accustomed to the distance of the device. These will cause you to experience difficulty focusing on areas that are farther or closer. This can cause major eye strain that can damage the eyes permanently. Start exercising your eyes every 20 to 30 minutes. Blink as much as you can, roll your eyes, look in different directions and close them for a few seconds.

Get Some Space

This is a common problem when it comes to mobile devices. We tend to hold our mobile devices close to our eyes, especially when we’re laying down. It’s recommended to keep your digital screen an arm length away from your eyes. If you tend to use your mobile phone a lot make sure that you keep your phone an arm’s length away even when you’re sitting or sleeping. If you experience neck strain from looking at your phone raise it 45 degrees. If you tend to work in front of a desktop, position your screen to reach the tips of your fingers when you extend them.

A Little Sunshine

Staring at your device’s screen for a long period of time can affect your natural circadian rhythm. You can counter this with the help of a simple nature walk. A good amount of daylight can help your system to adjust and connect your eyes with natural light. This can help improve your internal function such as boosting mood, improving sleep cycle and help with metabolism.

Screen Lighting

Your screen lighting is important to your eyesight. Anything that is too bright or too dark can strain your eyes. It’s essential to adjust your screen settings to your surroundings. If you are in a bright room, increase your screen’s brightness. If you are in a dim room, lower your screen brightness. If you are in natural light, keep your screen lighting on balance.

Reduce the Glare

You can reduce the glare from your digital devices by keeping your screen clean, using low voltage bulbs, blocking glare and flashes, not sitting against a window and avoiding staying in brightly lit rooms.

Specialized Glasses

If you work in front of a digital device for a long period of time, it’s best to consult your doctor about specialized glasses. They can recommend specialize glasses that can reduce eyestrain and glare from the digital device’s screen. These glasses can help reduce the negative effects of glare on the eyes. It’s important to keep in mind that reading glasses and prescription glasses are not the same as specialized glasses unless it was included in the package.

Limit Your Digital Device Use

One of the most effective ways you can protect your eyes is by limiting the time you spend using your digital devices. If you are unable to cut back, at least avoid using your devices one to two hours before going to sleep.

Never let your devices cause you permanent eye damage that can prevent you from having fun or working. Spending time with your digital devices is not all bad, technology has given us the best advancement as a race and will continue to help us grow. Though, like all things every good thing has a price. Protect your eyes from digital devices with these tips above. 

Source: Wellnessbin

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