Purify Your Body and Lose a Lot of Weight

The lemonade diet, also called “the purifying diet”, is a good way to release your body from the toxins, give the body some energy and lose those extra pounds you’ve always felt uncomfortable having. In fact, you can lose up to 9 kilograms in 10-14 days.

The preparation process is really simple and cheap. You need 2 liters of boiled water, in which you need to add the lemon juice of three lemons. Then you add 14 spoons of maple syrup and half a spoon of red pepper. Mix it all well. It’s as simple as that. The lemon juice helps the body release from all the fats and toxins, the maple syrup provides the body with the necessary calories, vitamins and other elements, and the red pepper stimulates the metabolism.

Drink this refreshing and tasty lemonade throughout the while day. Take small sips every time you feel hunger. There are no limitations on the amount you are supposed to drink. Once you make it a habit, and you’ll probably will, you won’t be able to stop consuming it.

Purify Your Body and Lose a Lot of Weight

Among the other drinks you should consume in order to achieve better results in losing weight, is the salty water ( add salt on the tip of the spoon into 2 deciliters of warm water) ad the green tea. Both of those can help the detoxification process.

However, it is necessary for you to make some previous preparations for the diet. Three days before practicing it, replace all the semi-cooked products and meat with fresh fruit and vegetables. Two days before the diet you should consume liquid food only, and one day before the diet – drink only freshly squeezed orange juice (at least 2 liters a day).

Here are the advantages from the lemonade diet:

Weight loss
Skin condition improvement
Energy and vitality regained after the diet
Preventing and improving the chronic illness conditions

An important note: Limonade diet should not be practiced by people who have unpleasant stomach acids and the ones who suffer from peptic ulcer (duodenal ulcer).

Source: beautyhealthpage

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