Quick And Easy Ways To Improve Digestion!

Besides the obvious choice of eating more fiber, there are a number of ways you can easily improve your digestion and overall health. Add some or all of these suggestions into your daily life, and you’ll notice better digestion in no time.

1. Chew Your Food
Really chew your food. (At least 20 times!) Not only does it make it easier for your body to break down, it also gives your brain more of a chance to catch up and decide when you’ve had enough.

Chew Veg Foodsagoracosmopolitan

2. Drink Water
Being dehydrated can slow down digestion so ensure that you’re getting plenty. Drink enough water so that your pee is clear.

Drink Waterq8rashaqa

3. Fermented Foods
It’s important to eat plenty of fermented foods which help populate a different type of (good) bacteria in your gut.

Fermented Foodsrenewingallthings

4. Lemon Water
Try starting your day with lemon water, this age-old ayruvedic practice helps to stimulate your GI tract.

Lemon Watergreat-secret-of-life

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