Quick And Effective Weight Loss With Pineapple Diet

This diet is perfect for quick and effective weight loss. It prevents overeating and helps you curb the inevitable cravings.

You should follow this diet for 4 days only because it belongs to the group of unbalanced diets.

This diet will help you lose 3 kg in a period of one week.

Quick And Effective Weight Loss With Pineapple Diet

Pineapple Prevents Water Retention

Pineapple is very effective in the fight against water retention, bloating and cellulite. It is loaded with water( almost 90%), potassium, which has the ability to eliminate excess fluids from the body, and iron, which participates in the formation of red blood cells that transport oxygen around every cell in the body.

Moreover, pineapple contains a special enzyme called bromelain which improves digestion and reduces the inflammatory processes in the body. It boosts the metabolism as well.

Pineapple is very low in calories, 100 grams contain 40 calories.

You should consume it fresh and keep it in the fridge upside down, so that the sugar can be distributed evenly. Fresh pineapple has bright yellow-orange color with no stains, and the leaves have green color.

Pineapple should be consumed fresh, immediately after it`s cut so that it can preserve all the beneficial properties of vitamin C, which plays an important role in the formation of collagen, a protein which improves skin elasticity.

A Few Tips for Pineapple Diet:

Avoid processed meat, old cheese, carbohydrates, energy and alcoholic drinks. You should drink at least 2 cups of tea and 2l water daily.

Limit the consumption of: oil, no more than 2 tablespoons per day, salt, spices and cider. Regular physical activity is highly recommended.

Pineapple diet is not recommended for diabetics and people who suffer from colitis, people who are intolerant of pineapple enzymes and for those who have liver and kidney problems.

Pineapple Diet – Meal Plan for One Day

Breakfast: pineapple juice, 1 fruit, 1 cup of tea

Snack: freshly squeezed pineapple juice

Lunch: 4 pineapple slices, 1 slice of bread

Dinner: 2 pineapple slices, 50g boiled rice, 1 cup of tea which reduces swelling

Meal Plan for 3 Days:

The first day : consume only fresh pineapple and water.

Second day: pineapple, water and two cans of tuna (one for lunch, one for dinner).

The Third Day is the Same as the First:

You should keep in mind that the main purpose of this diet is detoxification, because when we get back to normal diet, the lost pounds usually come back and the water as well.

Therefore, it is recommended that you include pineapple in your regular diet if you want to lose weight efficiently because it has the ability to suppress appetite and help you feel full for a longer period. Also, it can stop sugar cravings as well.

Source: healthyfoodvision

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