Reasons As To Why Men Should Choose Sitting Over Standing While Urinating!

As the most basic male instincts and as a part of growing up, most of the men might have learnt to pee standing. The anatomy and physiology of the male genitourinary tract favors them to pee while standing. However, there are currently around 1/3 of men who choose to pee sitting down. While healthy males are able to urinate just as well when sitting as when standing, discussions about the optimal position in which to urinate have become quite common amongst men.

• In public places and sometimes at home, men are encouraged to use the sitting position as to reduce the spattering of urine. This would also prevent the formation of puddles of urine which might give an offensive odour and definitely a very gross look.

• Men choosing the sitting posture while urinating might be better for public health as it may prevent the spread of disease. Though urine is sterile as it comes out, but it can be an excellent growth medium for bacteria.

Which Is Healthier For Men- To Pee Standing Or Sitting!

• Sitting down while passing the urine would definitely be more hygienic.

• It would also be more considerate for the domestic and commercial toilet cleaners.

• Stephen Shen, the head of Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) believes that men sitting on the toilet as women do will create a cleaner environment and advocates that men should sit while peeing instead of standing up.

• Some researchers have recommended that men with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) should consider peeing in the sitting position as they will be able to empty their bladders more by following this method.

While healthy men may experience no benefit by sitting to urinate instead of standing. For some, passing their urine in a sitting posture might be more favorable due to some health conditions, but for the vast majority there is no difference between sitting and standing.

However, some cultures prefer to sit rather than stand. Thus the decision is yours to make, as you should follow whatever suits you the best, according to your convenience and your bodily requirement. Sitting might just be a cultural or psychological preference, not an actual health issue.

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