Reasons Not Eat Too Much Sweets

The meta-analysis of Wolraich reviewing the 15 articles on artificial sweetener and sugar said that the discoveries were clearer than any other type of analysis done on this subject. He believes that the kids are overactive, it usually relates to changes in the routine, like birthday parties or Halloween.

If you believe that their behavior is worse, especially when they get big amount of sugar, it is not a surprise that you will see the difference. Also, he points to one other experiment where the parents who thought their kids were affected by the sugar tented to stand so close to them, and to demand more. The suggestion of the parents can be fairly strong in this case.

Reasons not to eat sugar

The other reason to avoid the sugar still stand. The dentists and nutrition experts say that the candy is good in moderation, but it is very rich in calories and is not so good for the oral health.

Source: beautyhealthpage

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