Recipe for Melting and Passing Stones from the Body

Many of us suffer from a sand or stones in the kidneys or in the gallbladder. The problem is usually caused by water and food. In order to try to avoid the heavy and intense methods of the conventional medicine, we bring you the proven folk recipe for melting and passing stones from the body.

Recipe for Melting and Passing Stones from the Body

• 9 oz of powdered brown sugar,
• 9 oz of extra virgin olive oil,
• 9 oz of lemon with the peel
• 9 oz of parsley root (ground)
• 9 oz of raw honey
(or equal amounts of all ingredients)


Wash the lemon well, cut it into pieces and grind it in a blender or in another similar device. Peel the parsley root and cut it into pieces and grind it like you did it with the lemon. Mix everything and add the honey, the olive oil and the powdered sugar. Mix the ingredients until the mixture is completely even.

For problems with stones in the kidneys and the gallbladder you should take one tablespoon of the mixture in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before sleeping. You should always keep the mixture in the fridge in a glass bottle because it can go bad. In order to resolve most problems with sand or stones in the kidneys and the gallbladder, you should drink two doses of this mixture. (After you finish the first dose, make another one because the mixture goes bad easily and it is made from 9 oz per ingredient). The mixture is prepared and tested for the purpose of dissolving stones and it is very effective.

The mixture has a very pleasant taste, and its composition is very healthy for other purposes as well and therefore, it can be also used by other members of the family together with those who suffer from stones in the organism. It is important to note that during the use of this mixture, you should drink as much fluids as you can, preferably water.

Source: healthyfoodplace

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