Reduce Stretch Marks With These Natural Remedies by 90%

Stretch marks, or as they are known in dermatology – striae distensae, represent a form of scarring in the skin, more specifically in the dermis, caused by rapid growth (when the skin distends) or during weight changes. Some research has shown the connection between hormonal changes during pregnancy or puberty and appear of stretch marks on the skin. However, it is not life threatening symptom and it’s not connected to any kind of disease, but, we all might admit from aesthetical point of view, no one is glad to have them.

Reduce Stretch Marks With These Natural Remedies by 90%

Reduce Stretch Marks With These Natural Remedies by 90%

Their visibility changes with their colour. At first, they appear more darker in the area the skin distends, and by time they reach lighter colour so they become more visible, unfortunately. The area of predilection might be the abdomen, buttocks, arms, legs and breasts, the parts of the body where the fat tissue is deposited. Although, we see many commercials offering us creams and gels which “successfully “ cover the stretch marks, no pharmaceutical solution has been proven as curable and effective. Knowing about how stressful it can be seeing those white stripes on your body, we share with you some natural remedies that can help you reduce them.

  1. Potato juice – known as a vegetable which stimulates the growth of the cells. All you have to do is to peel the tomato, squeeze the juice out of it and apply it on the affected area. Make sure the juice dries on the affected skin and rinse it with cold water.
  2. Cocoa butter – the cocoa butter is well known for the minerals it contains to stimulate regeneration of the skin cells. How to use it? The same as the tomato juice, without squeezing it. Apply it on the affected area and do this every morning, or every night before sleeping, till you notice changes.
  3. Almond oil, sugar and lemon – This treatment moisturizes, tones and regenerates the skin, making it available for penetration of the ingredients and therefore eliminates the visible scar lines. The use is very simple:  In a bowl mix one tablespoon of sugar (15 g), ½ tablespoon of almond oil (4 ml) and ½ half a tablespoon of lemon juice (4 ml). Apply this scrub on the affected area and make gentle circular massage for 10 minutes. Rinse well and repeat two or three times a week.

You can also make a mixture of all the ingredients mentioned above. For example, you can use cocoa butter together with almond oil, and reach the best results.  Coconut oil takes also part in being useful in reducing the visibility of the stretch marks. You can mix it with sugar and lemon too, instead of almond oil.

Source: Healthy Food Palace

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