Reduce The NEGATIVE ENERGY From Your Home Only With 3 GREEN LEMONS !

The prosperity, relationships, and health in your home can be affected by negative energy. You can try natural methods in order to get rid of it. An ingredient which is perfect for that is lime. It can help you neutralize bad energy, improve your economy, and restore harmony.

Behind lime lie lots of health benefits. They provide a unique aroma which great for areas where you spend most of your time. It can help you get rid of negative energies. You will only need several limes.

Try these methods:

  • Take a ceramic basket and fill it with 9 limes. Then, place it into your fridge. Put 8 limes and 1 in the center for wealth.
  • Take rainwater and boil lime skin in it. Use it as an amulet to absorb the negative waves around.
  • Put 3 limes in 3 different areas into your house. Replace them once they turn black.
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