Reduce The NEGATIVE ENERGY From Your Home Only With 3 GREEN LEMONS !

  • Put 3 limes in some glass bowl on the night table for love.
  • Mix lime on juice and water and place it in a spray bottle, spraying it throughout your house.
  • Place some limes in your purse, jacket, or pockets and get them out during the night, watching them how they become dry. In the morning throw them out, and use another.
  • Cut a lime on 4 parts and form a cross in the plate, make a circle of grain or salt around them in the dish and put it under the bed during the night. Do not touch the dish in the morning, but put it in a plastic bag and throw it away from your house. The process should be repeated 3 days straight.
  • Place 3 limes in your purse or working desk while you are on work.

Source: healthytipsworld

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