Reduce Your Weight With Apple-Broccoli Smoothie

Food that contains a lot of fiber and vitamins is great solution to reducing your weight. Consumption of fruits and vegetables will help you to control your food craving. Fiber that is soluble in water will help you to cut down on your waistline.

Apples are great source of this type of fiber, so they are great solution for your diet.

Reduce Your Weight With Apple-Broccoli SmoothieImage Source: slenderkitchen

Broccoli is a vegetable that is also rich source of vitamins, minerals and fiber and it is great solution for detoxification of your body, so you can combine it in your diet without fear.

Apple-Broccoli Smoothie
1 apple
Handful of broccoli(a cabbage of a variety similar to the cauliflower)
Handful of spinach(पालक)
1 cup water

Add these ingredients into blender and blend it.

Source: Gharelu-Upchar

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